Seqrite Endpoint Security Business Edition - 1 Year

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Seqrite Endpoint Security (EPS) is a simple and comprehensive platform for workstations, laptops and servers which integrates innovative technologies like Anti-Ransomware, Advanced DNA Scan and Behavioural Detection System to protect your network from today’s advanced threats. It offers wide range of advanced features like Advanced Device Control, DLP, Vulnerability Scan, Patch Management, Web Filtering, Asset Management etc., under a single platform to enable organizations to ensure complete security and enforce control.

Please Note: Every license corresponds to the equivalent user/users

 Seqrite Endpoint Security EPS Datasheet

Key Features & Benefits of the Seqrite Endpoint Security (EPS) Business Edition:

  • Antivirus
  • Anti-Ransomware
  • Email Protection
  • Firewall
  • Browsing Protection
  • Phishing Protection
  • SMS Notification
  • Vulnerability Scan
  • Roaming Platform
  • GoDeep.AI
  • Spam Protection
  • Asset Management
  • Advanced Device Control
  • Web Filtering

Seqrite Endpoint Security (EPS) Feature Description:



Antivirus: Offers malware protection that is certified by leading industry certifications

Anti-Ransomware: Protection from ransomware attacks and automatically takes back-up of selected file types


Application Control: Enforce control over the use of unauthorized applications within the network

Asset Management: Gives total visibility of hardware and software running on endpoints and also helps to track software/hardware changes happening on endpoints


Centralized Administration:
 Web-based console with graphical dashboard, group and policy management, email and sms notification, easy deployment

Roaming Platform:
 Manage clients even if they move out of the corporate network


Vulnerability Scan: Provides summarized view of vulnerabilities as per severity

 Patch Management: Centralized patch management solution to patch vulnerabilities of Microsoft and Non-Microsoft application


 Detects malicious network activities which exploit application vulnerabilities & blocks intruder attempts

 Monitors inbound & outbound network traffic based on rules

Port Scan Attack Prevention:
 Alerts about port scanning attack

DDOS Attack Prevention:
 Alerts about DDOS attacks


Browsing Protection:
 Blocks malicious sites

Phishing Protection:
 Blocks phishing sites

Web Filtering:
 Blocks sites as per its categories

Scheduled Internet Access:
 Schedule time based internet access


Advanced Device Control:
 Enforce policies regarding the use of storage devices, mobile & portable devices, wireless devices, network interfaces connected to endpoints

Data Loss Prevention:
 Prevents data loss by monitoring confidential & user defined data shared through removable drives, network or various applications


Please Note: The Data Loss Prevention (DLP) feature is not available in EPS Business edition by default. You can optionally select the Seqrite Endpoint Security DLP Module following the links below:

Seqrite Endpoint Security DLP Module - 1Year

Seqrite Endpoint Security DLP Module - 3 Years

You may also optonally select:

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Manufacturer Seqrite
Product Type Business
Duration 1 Year

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